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By Ralph D. Sawyer

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The heritage of China is a historical past of conflict. hardly ever in its 3,000-year life has the rustic now not been beset by way of battle, uprising, or raids. conflict used to be a prime resource of innovation, social evolution, and fabric growth within the mythical period, Hsia dynasty, and Shang dynasty--indeed, warfare used to be the strength that shaped the 1st cohesive chinese language empire, surroundings China on a trajectory of nation construction and competitive task that maintains to this day.

In Ancient chinese language Warfare, a preeminent specialist on chinese language army historical past makes use of lately recovered records and archaeological findings to build a finished advisor to the constructing applied sciences, innovations, and logistics of historic chinese language militarism. the result's a definitive examine the instruments and techniques that gained wars and formed tradition in old China.

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But if. in the: Tianwang gui, it is Wen who serves and pleases Oi, what happened to the Shang anccstors! How, in [he afcc:nnarh of the conquest. were the Sh~ng ~ncestors repl~ced by the Zhou in serving the Di! HinD em be found in the ·Shifu· ch~prer of rhe YiWlluJhu. 7'J We are told that after conquering the Shang. King Wu declared: "In declaration to rhe earth altar. (Wu] said: 'It is I. the young one. who p~cifies (my] culrured. deceued nther. M~y it reach to (me]. the young one,'·76 The descendant.

But I would not follow Keightley in reading [his as pro[o-bureaucr:rotic. And my disagreement comes down to :ro question concerning Keighdey's argument :robout sacrifices in the Shang. For Keighdey. "Shang religious pr:rocrice rested upon the do ut des ('I give, in order that thou shouldst give') belief 51. Zhongguo lhe:hui kuuqwn, Kaogu yanjiuluo, Xi,<>IWllllllndlji'lM, 1,116. H~ Keighdey :rond (following Keighdey) Poo Mu-chou :rore arguing th:ror insofar as the Shang divinationa! :rond sacrificial experts saw humans :rond divinities as continuous, a simple bureaucratic operation of giving and raking was set up between them: one gives in order to receive.

Su aho Hu Houxuan. -Yin buci >:hong de snangdi he wangdi,' p. 89. 41. Keigluley. "The Making of {he Ancu{on: p. 9· 48. Ibid.. p. IS. 49. Eno. -Wn There a Higl\ God TJ in Shang Rcligiol1r Crackmaking on guichou (day 50J, Zheng divining: -We will dwd! in this serclement and perform the great entertainment ritual, (for if we do,J Di will approve. - Third month. (Htji (4,l06 IE) Crackmaking on gukhou (day 50J. approves of the Shang's continued dwelling in a particular Krtlement, a ~gre:at entertainment rirual~ is offered.

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