New PDF release: Alternate Names of Places: A Worldwide Dictionary

By Adrian Room

ISBN-10: 078643712X

ISBN-13: 9780786437122

This new kind of geographical dictionary lists prior and current exchange names of greater than 7,000 areas. It focuses really on placenames with authentic or semiofficial prestige instead of nicknames or colloquial abbreviations. exchange placenames are very important for historic and geographical purposes, and even supposing they predominate in international locations that experience gone through wars and invasions, such exchange names can both good outcome from political or administrative alterations. as well as the authentic information regarding every one access, the dictionary additionally reviews on names and their origins the place applicable. Appendices specialise in placenames in non-English languages and on locations that have been renamed in fictional works.

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Brassó see Bra£ov Brasstown Bald (mountain, Georgia, southeastern United States) : formerly Mt. ) Bregenz (town, western Austria) : Roman Brigantium Breisach (town, southwestern Germany) : Roman Mons Brisiacus; earlier Roman Brisiacum Breitenstein see 2Ul’yanovo Breizh see Brittany Brejo da Madre de Deus (city, northeastern Brazil) : 1939–1948 Madre de Deus Brelsford see Coffs Harbour Bremenhaven see Bremerhaven Bremenium see 2Rochester Bremerhaven (city, northern Germany) : English formerly often Bremenhaven; 1939–1947 Wesermünde (Founded in 1827, the city was absorbed in 1939 by Wesermünde, itself formed in 1924 from the merger of two other towns.

Bielsk Podlaski (town, northeastern Poland) : 1807–1915 Russian Belsk Bienne see Biel Bierry-les-Belles-Fontaines (village, north central France) : 1738–1882 Anstrude Bierutów (town, southwestern Poland) : to 1945 German Bernstadt Big Boiling Springs see Russellville Big Bull Falls see Wausau Big Glades see Wise Bigheart see Barnsdall Bight of Biafra see Biafra, Bight of Big Lick see Roanoke Big St. 1958 French Fort-Trinquet Birnbaum see Middzychód Birobidzhan (city, southeastern Russia) : to 1928 Tikhon’kaya Birr (town, central Ireland) : Irish Biorra; formerly English Parsonstown Bnr as-Saba‘ see Beersheba Biruintsa see ßtefan VodQ Biryuch see 1Krasnogvardeyskoye Biryusinsk (town, eastern Russia) : to 1987 Suyetikha Bir±ai (town, northern Lithuania) : (Russian Birzhay); to 1918 Russian Birzhi Birzhay see Bir±ai Birzhi see Bir±ai Birzula see Kotovs’k Bisanthe see Tekirda˘g Biscari see Acate Biscay, Bay of (western France/northern Spain) : French Golfe de Gascogne; Spanish Golfo de Björneborg Vizcaya; Roman Mare Cantabricum (English prefers to name the bay for the Spanish province of Vizcaya; French for the French province of Gascony.

Campo Formio see Campoformido Campo Formoso see (1) Campo Florido; (2) Orizona Campo Largo see Araçoiaba da Serra Campo Quijano (town, northwestern Argentina) : to 1930s Kilómetro 1172 Campos see Tobias Barreto Camptown see Irvington Camulodunum see Colchester Canaan see Palestine Canada (country, North America) : to 1763 New France (The former name, representing French Nouvelle-France, is sometimes applied to the territory now occupied by Canada. ) Cape Colony see Cape Province Cape Dorset (village, Nunavut, northeastern Canada) : alternate Inuit Kingnait 40 Cape Island see Cape May Capela (town, northeastern Brazil) : 1944–1948 Portuguese Conceição do Paraíba Capelle-au-Bois see Kapelle-op-den-Bos Capellen-lez-Anvers see Kapellen Cape May (town, New Jersey, northeastern United States) : to 1869 Cape Island Cape of Good Hope see Good Hope, Cape of Cape Palmas see Harper Cape Province (former province, southern South Africa) : to 1910 Cape Colony (The province ceased to exist in 1994 when it was divided into the three provinces Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, and Western Cape.

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