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From a little-known fishing neighborhood on the outer edge of China, Hong Kong constructed into one of many world's so much astonishing and cosmopolitan towns after a century and a 1/2 British imperial rule. The historical past of Hong Kong, from its profession by way of the British in 1841 to its go back to chinese language sovereignty in 1997, is an interesting tale of East assembly West. This publication addresses the altering family members among the neighborhood chinese language and expatriate groups in 156 years of British rule, and the emergence of a neighborhood identification. It explains the significance of China as an element in its improvement and the origins of the so-called "1997 problems," hence interpreting the underlying purposes for the increase of a liberal society devoted to the guideline of legislation with no democracy.

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France was at that time an empire under Napoleon III, aggressively pursuing imperial glory. The French agreed to join the British, and ordered an expeditionary force to Hong Kong under their own Plenipotentiary, Baron Gros. The French pretext was to avenge the execution by the Chinese of a French missionary, Père Chapdelaine, in Guangxi province earlier in the year. Although the Americans also desired treaty revision they were not prepared to join the British in the use of force. 29 Elgin was given the task of seeking from the Chinese government reparations for injuries to and compensation for losses incurred by British subjects in the hostilities that followed the Ar r ow incident, full implementation of treaties signed, full diplomatic representation at the Emperor’s court in Beijing, and a revision of existing treaties to expand trade to other Chinese ports and cities, both coastal and along inland waterways.

It also stated that ‘Chinese vessels of war, whether neutral or otherwise, shall retain the right to use’ Deep Bay and Mirs Bay, which the Chinese also leased to the British. 73 At that time, the British obviously did not regard these Chinese reservations as major problems. Hong Kong’s colonial secretary, James Stewart Lockhart, who conducted a survey of the territory prior to the British takeover, considered the fort an issue that would resolve itself. He believed that the functions of the fort lay primarily in keeping public order in its vicinity and expected the garrison to be ‘disbanded or transferred elsewhere’.

The Chinese had built the fort in 1846–7 specifically to counter the British presence in Hong Kong. 72 It was equally ridiculous for the Convention to provide ‘that the existing landing-place near Kowloon city shall be reserved for the convenience of Chinese menof-war, merchant and passenger vessels, which may come and go and lie there at their pleasure’. It also stated that ‘Chinese vessels of war, whether neutral or otherwise, shall retain the right to use’ Deep Bay and Mirs Bay, which the Chinese also leased to the British.

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