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By Andrew Butterfield, Gerard Ekembe Ngondi, Anne Kerr

ISBN-10: 0199688974

ISBN-13: 9780199688975

Formerly named A Dictionary of Computing, this bestselling dictionary has been renamed A Dictionary of computing device Science, and completely revised through a crew of computing device experts, making it the main updated and authoritative consultant to computing to be had. Containing over 6,500 entries and with multiplied assurance of multimedia, machine functions, networking, and private computing device technological know-how, it's a accomplished reference paintings encompassing all elements of the topic and is as worthy for domestic and workplace clients because it is crucial for college students of laptop technological know-how.

Terms are outlined in a jargon-free and concise demeanour with beneficial examples the place proper. The dictionary comprises nearly a hundred and fifty new entries together with cloud computing, cross-site scripting, iPad, semantic attack, smartphone, and virtual studying environment. instructed internet hyperlinks for lots of entries, obtainable through the Dictionary of machine Science better half web site, offer useful extra details and the appendices contain worthwhile assets akin to prevalent domains, dossier extensions, and the Greek alphabet.

This dictionary is appropriate for an individual who makes use of pcs, and is perfect for college students of machine technology and the similar fields of IT, maths, physics, media communications, digital engineering, and usual sciences.

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Cray Inc.

How to search for terms in A Dictionary of Computer Science To find an entry in this e-book you can: • Browse the Alphabetical List of Entries and select the entry you would like to view or • Use your Search function to be taken to a complete list of references to your search term in the Dictionary ◦ If your search term has its own entry, it will usually be listed at the top of your results ◦ In cases where your search term appears in more than one entry heading, the results will be listed alphabetically A note on special characters While most e-readers can display special characters (such as é and â), many cannot search for words containing them, unless the special characters themselves are typed into the search box.

Alphabetical List of Entries A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 10 Base 2 10 Base 5 10 Base FX 10/100/1000 Base-T 8421 code 419 fraud 4GL 7-Zip A* algorithm ABC abduction abelian group ABI ablative abnormal termination ABONE abort absolute address absolute code absolute link absolute path absolute URL absolute value absorption laws abstract computability theory abstract data type abstract family of languages abstraction abstract machine abstract reduction system abstract specification A-buffer AC97 accelerated graphics port acceleration time accelerator key accent-sensitive accept acceptable use policy acceptance testing access Access access control access method access path access point access provider access rights access time access vector account accounting file accumulator accuracy ACE ACIA ACID ACK Ackermann benchmark Ackermann function acknowledgment ACM acoustic coupler acoustic delay line acoustic memory Acrobat action selection active Active Directory active filter active-matrix LCD Active Server Pages active star active transition active vision active widget ActiveX activity network actor language actors actual parameter actuator acyclic graph Ada Ada 95 Adams methods adaptive channel allocation adaptive compression adaptive-control system adaptive interface adaptive maintenance adaptive meshing adaptive process adaptive quadrature adaptive ray tracing ADC ADCCP A/D converter adder add-in card address addressability addressable location address book address bus address calculation sorting address format addressing addressing schemes address mapping address mark address register address-relative Address Resolution Protocol address space address table sorting add–subtract time adequacy theorem ad hoc network adjacency list adjacency matrix adjacency structure Adobe Reader ADP ADSL Advanced Encryption Standard advance-fee fraud adware AES affine mapping AFIPS AFL agenda mechanism agent agile methods AGP AGV AI Aitken’s Δ2 process AIX ALARP principle aleph null alert box algebra algebraic abstract data type algebraic language algebraic model algebraic semantics algebraic specification algebraic structure algebraic surface algebraic symbol manipulation language algebraic system algebra system Algol algorithm algorithm analysis algorithm efficiency algorithmic language alias aliasing allocation routine Alpha AXP alphabet alphabetic code alpha buffer alphamosaic alphanumeric character alphanumeric code alpha test Alt key ALU ambient computing ambient light ambiguous grammar amplitude amplitude modulation amplitude quantization analogue computer analogue signal analogue-to-digital converter analysis of variance Analytical Engine analyser ancestor AND gate AND operation AND/OR graph Andreessen, Marc Android animation ANN annotation anonymization anonymous FTP anorak ANOVA ANSI anti-aliasing anti-pattern anti-static precautions antisymmetric relation anti-virus program any-time algorithms AOL Apache APA mode API APL APP Apple Inc.

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