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By M. O. Wise

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A learn of 1 of the Qumran texts, interpreting its features and authorship. the writer concludes that the Temple Scroll was once an eschatalogical legislations publication, composed round one hundred fifty BC through `The instructor of Righteousness' and never a made of the Qumran group.

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Attempting to reconstruct one on the basis of the other is a very uncertain venture. 108 The Scroll and the New Testament Since their discovery the Dead Sea Scrolls have served as an important source of information on the first century Palestinian milieu. New Testament (NT) scholars have turned path described in the Mishnah from the entrance of the mesibbah to the entrance of the upper chamber adds up to only a 180° turn. This shape is in contrast with the angular spiral staircase of the TS. 103.

91 He found that they often agree with the "Sadducean" position. Therefore, he concluded, the term ‫( צדוקים‬Sadducee/Zadokite) must designate more than one sectarian group in rabbinic literature. Milgrom pointed out that certain Second Temple Jews regarded the corpse-contaminated person as analogous to the leper, using as his evidence the TS. In order for such a person to remain in his city, he had to undergo ablutions. 92 Schiffman published one of the most important halakhic studies of the TS.

In connection with Maier's view on "work days," see my discussion in chapter 3 . 1 agree that this is a very old tradition, but my approach is textual. 88. M. Lehman, "The Temple Scroll as a Source of Sectarian Halakhah," RQ 9 (1978): 579-87. See also his slightly expanded Hebrew version, "‫מגילת המקדש כמקור להלכה כתתית‬," [The Temple Scroll as a source of sectarian halakha] BM 25 (1979-80): 302-9. A second study is "‫אטת יפת ת א ר והלכות אחרות גסגילת המקדש‬," [The beautiful woman and other halakhot in the Temple Scroll] BM 114 (1988): 3 1 3 - 1 6 (of which an English version appeared, "The Beautiful War Bride [‫ ]יפה תאר‬and Other Halakhoth in the Temple Scroll," in Temple Scroll Studies, pp.

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